Summer Adventure 2011

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Our objective is to complete a detailed plan of activities and games that allows us:

  • to explore the community (aka The Neighborhood)
  • to seek out new swim parks, bowling alleys and museums
  • to explore science, art and tasty cookie recipes
  • to discover treasure, wildlife and happiness!

         To Experience Summer!

  • GeoCaching - ultimate treasure hunt with a GPS device
  • Swimming - weekly swimming trip to places like Splash and Pirates Cove
  • Field Trips - Jump Street, Mid-Air Adventures, Wildlife Experience, Hiking
  • Tours - NCAR, Coors Field, Museums
  • Science experiments, computers, and technology
  • Games and sports, indoor and outdoor activities
  • Cooking, arts & crafts, money and banking
  • Water games, special events and more!


    • So Impressed

      I visited your school about a month ago now and was so impressed. It was the seventh school in the area we'd toured looking for care for our one year Read More
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    Safety & Security

    Your child's safety and security is a top priority.

    We offer these precautions:

    electronic key pad entry
    electronic child check-in/check out
    hourly class head counts
    automatic locking doors

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