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Thank you!!

Our daughter has been coming to The Academy for almost 2 years. The staff, director, and owners here are amazing. Everyone provides such a welcoming, positive atmosphere. We can feel the love when entering and leaving the school.
My daughter has learned so much, not just academically, but emotionally and socially. They offer many programs along with their enrichment classes (gym and music). They also split up their preschool and pre-K classes throughout the day, so students can get smaller class sizes, and more one-on-one time.
If you are looking for a center that is not just a school, but more like a second family, I would highly recommend coming to The Academy. No words can express how thankful I am that we are here.

Thank you

I'd just like to take a moment during Teacher Appreciation Week to let you all know how much I appreciate all you do! We have had our daughter at the Academy for about 7 years now and we've had a fabulous experience! We've enjoyed getting to know so many of the teachers/staff/admin over the years!

Again, thanks to you and the staff at The Academy for taking such good care, of my precious daughter!

Amazing Growth and Happy Kids

We could not be happier with our children's experience at The Academy. Our sons have both made amazing growth in not only the educational portion of their development, but as important, their social and emotional development. The kindergarten program has advanced his skills in all areas and I was so impressed with the monitoring of his progress and growth. They run a top notch educational program that takes into account the whole child. And my kids come happy everyday, what more could I ask for?

Most Pleased

I would like to compliment you and all your staff on such a fantastic job at everything you all do. We have been most pleased and our girls are so happy at The Academy! Thank you so much for everything.

Advanced Tremendously

Our son has advanced tremendously fast at The Academy. Within a month of starting, he already knew the entire sign language alphabet!

A Special Place

It is my pleasure to share my family’s experiences and time spent at The Academy Child Development Center. My husband and I were lucky enough to have a welcoming and caring environment to send our children to these past ten years. Our first child began attending The Academy when she turned one. We knew this was a special place. Our experience with this school has been nothing short of wonderful. The toddler teachers were energetic, caring, and attentive each and every day. As we walked into the room, our children received big smiles, friendly words, and warm hugs. We always felt well informed about their day and received phone calls when concerns with health arose. This attention and warmth continued into pre-school and pre-kindergarten classes. We were thankful to have the staff to help us potty train our children with positive reinforcement and patience (for both the children and us). Learning was a focus, but in a fun and nurturing way. Center activities allowed our kids to learn through exploration and curiosity. The love of reading began early because each day our children heard several books. Engaging and fun activities filled the room and each week we had many new art pieces to add to our refrigerator. Our children not only had great classroom experiences, but were able to participate in enrichments as part of the core program. Gym time has always been a favorite of our children, but they also became very tech savvy from visiting the computer lab and enjoyed the movement room. When it came time to decide on a Kindergarten program for our kids, we didn’t need to look far. Since I’m a teacher, I knew what to look for in a program that would prepare kids for first grade and beyond. The Academy offered a full day program that met every requirement. The teachers were not only knowledgeable, but also energetic, friendly, and hard working. Both of my children left kindergarten with a strong foundation in math, writing, science, and reading. In fact, both my children were reading at a first grade level or higher when they “graduated”! What I like best is the teacher’s ability to extend children’s learning and to push their thinking. My kids came home talking about Vincent Van Gogh, Abraham Lincoln, and concepts about space and astronomy, just to name a few. The Academy also offers enrichments (gym, computers, and movement) as part of their program at no extra cost. This is very rare in the public school system. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this school. If a concern arose, I was able to address those concerns with the directors and had a resolution quickly. The owners, Kathy and Doug Konrad, also were helpful and I always felt I could talk with them. It is clear, they care about their school and want the best for every child, at every age! I am very thankful my children were able to attend this school. Sincerely, Julie M.

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    I visited your school about a month ago now and was so impressed. It was the seventh school in the area we'd toured looking for care for our one year Read More
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