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Our son started at the Academy in 2008 (Jo Jo's room) and graduated their Kindergarten (Miss Kim's room) in 2012. Our experience throughout these 4 years was amazing. The Academy's curriculum style is beyond what you would get at a standard child care or even at other competitive early education schools. It's not just the education part that made us happy though. Our son was taken care of through smiles, hugs, laughter, and on the rough days, consolation. While we knew he was thriving, we didn't know how much until he got into an accelerated charter school in the area and was tested for placement in his rotation classes. His reading was at a mid-year 2nd grade level and his math was a mid-year first grade level. While every child is different, it's the right school that can bring out the best in our children and instill that love of learning. Take that plus how happy he was in his classrooms, with his friends there, and his experience overall, we couldn't have asked for a better school. Now if they could only build one up north... ;)

So Impressed

I visited your school about a month ago now and was so impressed. It was the seventh school in the area we'd toured looking for care for our one year old daughter, Reagan. 
Your staff was so excited to talk about your school - more excited than any other school I chatted with. It was great to see that kind of enthusiasm still exists in child care and is exactly what I kept waiting to see as we visited other schools! They were also the only school that didn't think I was crazy for asking for half day care... I only work mornings and we just don't need anything more.

Although, we ultimately decided to keep Reagan home with her nanny for one more year we will for sure be back to the Academy for the preschool program.
I just wanted to let you know how great our tour experience was.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Loves His Teachers

My son started with 'The Academy' as a "Pre-Schooler" last year and is now in your Kindergarten class and absolutely LOVES his teachers and actually looks forward to going to school each day. He's stated that he wants to be a teacher when he grows up and I know it's because of the fantastic staff you have there! Thank you!  Christine D.

Welcoming Environment

The Academy is such a welcoming environment. Everyone from the office staff to the teachers greet my son and me by name. The facility is exceptional. My 2 year old son has made so many friends and learns new things all the time. JF

She has blossomed

Our daughter is currently in the toddler class. It has been incredible to see how she has blossomed both socially and developmentally under the kind guidance of her fabulous teachers. We love the thoughtfully development of the curriculum and the varied activities. Laura A.


  • So Impressed

    I visited your school about a month ago now and was so impressed. It was the seventh school in the area we'd toured looking for care for our one year Read More
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Safety & Security

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electronic key pad entry
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