The Academy’s Pre-Kindergarten program prepares your child for that big developmental step to Kindergarten. Through our challenging activities children develop critical thinking and problem solving skills they will need to be successful in kindergarten, school and life. Your child will be presented daily opportunities for listening, speaking and engaging with peers and teachers.

Areas of Focus

  • Language
  • Math
  • Science
  • Sensory exploration
  • Dramatic & Creative Play
  • Blocks & Manipulative Play
  • Art exploration
  • Kinesthetic movement and physical education

Academic Program

Math time offers lots of hands-on addition and subtraction activities - introducing your child to the basic mathematic concepts. The world of science is where your child’s imagination will really come alive. Introducing science experiments and how science works through our day will keep your child’s mind engaged. And our program offers a continual path to strengthen literacy, mathematical skills and most important social and emotional skills.

Physical movement and outside play is also important to a child's development and is an integral part of our curriculum.  Children play outside every day, weather permitting, in their own age-appropriate playground area. When weather is below 40 degrees or over 90 degrees, children play indoors.

As part of the Pre-K curriculum your child will participate in Enrichments that enhance different areas of their learning. The three daily Enrichments include:

  • physical fitness in our fully equipped gym - building gross motor skills and teamwork


  • computer lab and children’s library -  offering individual instruction in language, reading, comprehension and fine motor skills with computers, hands-on activities and games, and books


  • creative movement room - allowing your child to express their creative side through dance, music, drama and art

By allowing Pre-K students to experience these important developmental learning stages - they will be become more comfortable with their own independence and learning skills and techniques and be ready to move on to Kindergarten armed with a world of knowledge which will prepare your child to become a successful learner.

The Academy Early Childhood Education Center warmly invites you to explore one of our campuses to see how we create an authentic education experience that children love.

Immersing yourself in a "hands-on" experience at The Academy is the most effective way to feel confident when deciding which early childhood education program to choose for your child.

Feel free to drop by at your convenience - no appointment is necessary to tour our campus. We believe that witnessing our environment firsthand will offer valuable insights into your child's enriching journey.