Creative Movement

Young positive child in headphones listening music with fun raise hands up. Funny girl wear stylish protective face mask due coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic. Family lifestyle on summer school holidays.

The creative movement room is more than just a dance class - it is a classroom that is set up as dance studio with mirrors and a dance floor, allowing children to be creative in ways their imagination will allow them. The goal for this enrichment is to have every child explore their creativity through movement, music, art and drama with exercise. We focus on the child’s fine motor skills as well as their gross motor skills while being active at the same time. Children are encouraged to challenge themselves through positive expression in the creative movement class.

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The Three Daily Enrichments

The Academy Early Childhood Education Center offers three daily enrichments that your child will  participate in during the course of the week

Enrichments, a crucial part of our curriculum, are included in your program, there is no extra charge for enrichment programs.