Toddlers - Exploring The World

Toddler time is a very exciting time for you and your child. This milestone is usually indicated when the young child takes the initiative to formulate their own ideas, and develop a sense of autonomy. We at The Academy will support your toddler during this wonderful time by first and foremost, encouraging an enhanced sense of self-confidence and self esteem.

The Academy Early Childhood Education Center has two Toddler programs - a younger toddler class for children 12 months to 24 months and an older toddler class for children 24 months to 36 months. Our toddler rooms are safe, spacious and inviting for your child, a place that offers a diversity of age specific learning tools and social opportunities for all children.

Your toddler will be exposed to colors, shapes, numbers, letters, art sensory activities, song & dance, books, puzzles and many other developmental learning activities throughout their daily routine. The development of language and self-help skills are encouraged and promoted through creative play and complementary language development opportunities.


Potty Training

Potty training is a significant step for the older toddlers towards their self-awareness, self-identity and self-esteem. Therefore our knowledgeable teachers will work with both child and parent(s) to create a consistent and positive experience for the child during this important developmental stage. We will help guide you and your child to identify the signs of potty training readiness.

Learning Environment

Engaging the young child in social experiences such as small group time will allow your child to become familiar with nursery rhymes, enhance their vocabulary skills, identify colors, shapes, numbers and letters and be introduced to music through song and music-making. This is all taught through hands-on lessons which allow your child to learn through play.  Learning through play is one of the highest goals we reach for at The Academy - it is a core element of our curriculum.

In addition to social circle time, toddlers are also engage in learning at themed stations known as "table centers". Each toddler classroom has designated areas where students gather in small groups to play with themed toys and learning tools. Each area focuses on mathematics and numbers, reading, dramatic play, practical life skills and manipulative play.

Math and Numbers has games and tools that encourage counting and number recognition.

The Reading Area has familiar books and letter cards and other letter tools that encourage letter recognition.

The Dramatic Play area encourages creative pretending and role playing with costumes, puppets and puppet shows, and 'grown-up' toys and tools like brooms, dustpans, workbenches, etc...

Practical Life Skills features learning things like how to hold a cup, or a spoon.

Manipulative Play develops gross motor skills.

Physical movement and outside play is also important to toddler development and is an integral part of our curriculum. Toddlers play outside every day, weather permitting, in their own age-appropriate playground area. When weather is below 40 degrees or over 90 degrees, children play indoors. Three times a week, they participate in the enrichment activities within our facilities.

By allowing toddlers to experience these important developmental learning stages - they will be become very comfortable and able to move into their next stage of development which is Preschool.  We provide the beginning and love of learning which will last a lifetime.

The Academy Early Childhood Education Center warmly invites you to explore one of our campuses to see how we create an authentic education experience that children love.

Immersing yourself in a "hands-on" experience at The Academy is the most effective way to feel confident when deciding which early childhood education program to choose for your child.

Feel free to drop by at your convenience - no appointment is necessary to tour our campus. We believe that witnessing our environment firsthand will offer valuable insights into your child's enriching journey.